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I've loved photography since the age of 10. I made my first camera out of cardboard and 126 cartridge film. I was amazed how light could create images on film. The anticipation of waiting for developing and seeing my results fueled my interests. My sister had a black and white darkroom in the basement that I'm sure inspired me.  I started using my grandfather's Argus C-44 in my teenage years. Developing some of my own images gave me hands on to the final step of making prints. I was hooked! Fast forward to today and I'm loving the art of digital photography. My 30 years as a electrician has not stopped me from learning new things and creating something unique.

Most know epoxy resin as the hard shiny coating applied to counter and bar tops. They remember how it seemingly magnified, enhanced and protected whatever it was applied to. It's also widely used in the art community. It enhances and elevates prints, original artworks and sculptures to a new level of rich color and brilliance. I started experimenting with epoxy resin a couple years ago because I was interested in creating something that would enhance and make my photos standout and have the qualities of handmade art. I was impressed with images printed on aluminum panels that I would see at fine art fairs and street festivals around Chicagoland. Wanting the same brilliance and shine but having the handmade aspect, made me create something that I would rarely find in visiting these events. Printing on metallic papers gives certain color tones a silvery shine and almost 3D look. I thought to myself, "what if I brought the two amazing qualities of epoxy resin and metallic photos together?" My images started to come to life. After figuring out all the materials and supplies I needed, I started pouring. It was a long learning process but my efforts have brought me to the present and I'm creating my own unique photographic art pieces! The panels are ready to hang with a wood standout frame on the back. Most of the sizes are 12"x12", 8"x8" and 12"x18". Other sizes are available so send me a message if you have any questions. See the folder in the menu bar for available prints. I'm always adding new photos so check back often or follow me!

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NOTE: Currently, I'm not set up for website purchasing. Please contact me for information. Because of the hand made aspect and working with epoxy resin, I can usually complete within 7-10 days.